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Stéphanie Bonniot

Registered dietitian, Personal trainer

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online registered dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer services

Coach Stephy, online registered dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer services

(in person also available in her office located near L'Isle Adam, France)

Stéphanie Bonniot is an online registered dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer who offers services to an international patient base via Skype consultations.

She also offers in person services in her office located in Puiseux-le-Hauberger near L'isle Adam, Chambly, Persan, Beaumont-sur-Oise, Méru and Senlis in France.

I provide dietary management services adapted to each type of patient:

-Healthy individuals looking to adopt healthier lifestyle with a goal of gaining weight, weight loss or maintaining their weight

- Pregnant or postpartum/breastfeeding women

- Sports enthusiast (from beginners to advanced) or athletes (strength or endurance sports)

Person suffering from a pathology requiring a specific diet

- Person suffering from food allergies / intolerances alimentaires, etc.

I help my patients to progressively and sustainably live a healthier lifestyle according to their specific needs. I achieve this with my patients by having regular follow ups with them, working on 3 main points: behavior change, nutrition and physical activity.  

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Stephanie Bonniot one of the ProCoach winning coaches
Prize Winner!

Stephanie Bonniot, RD and personal trainer is one of the winning coaches of the ProCoach 2018 Body Transformation Contest


Qualified and professional, Stéphanie Bonniot is currently a member of the Association Française des Diététiciens-Nutritionnistes (AFDN) and of the Association des Diététiciens Libéraux (ADL) . She has partnerships with  Chèque Santé, and with Fitness Boutique Saint-Maximin (store specialized in the sale of fitness and weight training equipments as well as supplements.

registered dietitian personal trainer online weightless weight gain muscle fitness

Nutritional programs

Being a registered dietitian, I can give you a personalized nutritional program according to your goals and respecting your specific nutritional requirements and give you advice to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

 Also, having certifications as a personal trainer and sport nutrition coach, I can establish a sports nutrition program (weather a beginner or advanced, that you are an athlete or doing recreational sport) specified to your type of training, to cover your nutritional needs, help with recovery and to achieve better sport performance.  

Registered dietitian personal trainer online or onsite near l'Isle Adam France

Personal Training

Being a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), I can design personalized workouts, to help you achieve your goals. Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and goes along proper nutrition. Weather you have never trained before or that you are an athlete I can design a workout program that you can take with you at the gym or even one for home based workouts.




Services and prices 


Please find here the prices for services offered by your registered dietitian-nutritionist Stéphanie Bonniot. 

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